Fire Marshal's Office

Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal develops, implements, directs and supervises comprehensive fire prevention, fire investigation and public education programs. The members of the Fire Marshal's Division are dedicated to the protection of our community through critical key mission areas that include:

  • Fire inspections
  • Fire investigations
  • Public Education

We will provide superior and professional customer service to our citizens. We will develop "best practices" models of performance to provide a secure work environment for the citizens of Odessa and its visitors.

Prevention & Inspection

All members of the Fire Marshal's Office are certified by the State of Texas as Fire Inspectors, Fire Investigators and Peace Officers. Staff is well-trained in fire education and conducts several fire prevention programs throughout the year. A well-planned and executed fire prevention and inspection program is a less expensive and more effective way to accomplish the goal of the fire service (to minimize the risk of life and property loss from fire).

Assistant Fire Marshal

The Assistant Fire Marshal supervises the daily inspection activities of Inspectors and is responsible for plans review and installation of new alarm and sprinkler systems.

The Assistant Fire Marshal also:

  • Coordinates fire investigation activities
  • Maintains investigation records
  • Monitors and/or prepares court cases
  • Generates reports on fire activities and dollar loss
  • Performs inspections on commercial properties
  • Is responsible for promoting, scheduling and documenting education programs and outreach services in the City of Odessa

Plan Review & Construction Inspection Process

For detailed information on the Plan Review and Construction Inspection process or to schedule an inspection, please call 432-257-0502.

Fire Inspectors / Fire Investigators

Inspectors are responsible for:

  • Preventing fires through periodic inspection of commercial or public buildings, licensed facilities/operations and other buildings in the City of Odessa
  • Certificate of occupancy inspections for new businesses
  • Inspection of fire suppression and notification systems including alarms, sprinklers and cooking hoods

Inspectors also play a key role in crowd management and path of egress maintenance at places of assembly.

All Fire Inspectors are Certified Commission Peace Officers and Certified Arson Investigators who maintain appropriate records and documentation regarding inspections and investigations and conduct public education programs throughout the year. Fire Marshal's Office staff maintains the required training to ensure "best practice" performance.

Your Guide to Becoming an Odessa Fire Inspector/ Odessa Fire Investigator

Work side-by-side with current OFR Inspectors to complete your commission-approved training (on-site) Attend TCFP Fire Inspector, Plans Examiner and Fire and Arson Investigator classes online - TCFP Curriculum Test your Fire Investigation knowledge - TCFP Testing Guidelines If not already TCOLE certified, you will attend the first available OPD Police Academy, granted you meet the background Minimum Standards.


Eugene Dominguez

Fire Inspector / Fire Investigator

Nathan Sanchez 

Fire Inspector / Fire Investigator

Lorenzo Rivas

Fire Inspector / Fire Investigator
Andres Menchaca

Andres Menchaca

Fire Inspector


Attention: Several services that were no cost in the past will now have new fees associated with them. See the new IFC Fee Schedule.

The Odessa Fire Marshal's Office currently utilizes the 2021 edition of the International Fire Code with adopted Appendices. The only amendment to the code requires the management of multifamily dwellings to inspect and test smoke detectors in each unit twice per year. They are also required to maintain records of installation, inspection, and testing.

The Fire Marshal's office conducts approximately 3,000 inspections, consisting of routine/annual inspections, construction projects, fire protection systems and other miscellaneous inspections throughout the year. Call 432-257-0524 with questions regarding fire inspections or fire inspection requests.

Commercial Inspections

All members of the Fire Marshal's Office are certified in the State of Texas as Fire Inspectors. We perform a variety of commercial inspections including:

  • Daycares
  • Detention facilities
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Foster homes
  • Kitchen suppression systems
  • Medical facilities
  • New businesses for Certificate of Occupancy
  • Remodel or commercial properties
  • Routine inspections
  • Schools
  • Various other inspections or reviews

Permit Applications 

The Odessa Fire Marshal's office reviews permit applications and plans, other than single family dwellings or duplexes, but the City of Odessa Building Official's office is responsible for all permit applications. The Building Official's Office is located at City Hall, 411 W 8th and can be reached by calling 432-335-3215.