CDBG Reports & Requests

Contract Extension Requests

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds must be spent in a timely manner. All funds must be expended by September 30 of the program year. Unspent funds cannot be carried forward and are forfeited without an approved contract extension from the City of Odessa. Your request and justification (PDF) for an extension to your contract must be submitted to the Community Development Director no later than September 1.

"As Required" Reports

  • Salary Reimbursement Form (PDF): If salaries are funded, you must complete the Salary Reimbursement form and submit copies of all cancelled checks and all time sheets. Time sheets must be signed by employee and supervisor. Attach this form and all supporting documentation and submit with the Request for Reimbursement Form.
  • Equipment Inventory (DOCX): An inventory list with proof of purchase will be provided to Community Development 30 days after property, equipment, and supplies have been purchased. This inventory list must be updated within 30 days of the purchase of any additional property, equipment, or supplies.