Street Department Workers Repave a Section of Road near Train TracksThe Street Division is dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the quality of life of Odessans by providing well-maintained streets, alleys and drainage channels.


The Street Division responds to customer requests in a courteous and efficient manner so that the citizens may enjoy a clean, smooth and safe roadway.

The Street Division provides the following services:

Alley Fill & Maintenance

Alleys are maintained as needed or by request and grindings are used to fill pot holes or low areas in an alley. Property owners are responsible for weeds and trash from the rear property line to the middle of the alley.

Drainage Channels

The Street Division mows drainage channels, covers graffiti on walls of concrete channels, repairs fencing around channels and cleans debris out of drainage areas. Drainage channel maintenance is taken care of on a routine basis and by request.

Pavement Patching (Potholes)

The Street Division repairs pavement that has been damaged from standing water, cold weather, and other factors. Pavement that has been cut for repairs or installation of new service for water and sewer is also patched.

Street Sweeping

Residential streets are swept on a route basis approximately once every two months by five sweepers working daily. The downtown area is swept twice a week. Requests are also taken as needed.

Vacant Lots (Mowing)

The Street Division mows city property. This is done routinely around the city.