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  2. TAXI & LIMO

If you plan on organizing a parade or special event within the City Limits of Odessa, you must submit an application for approval. For your convenience, the Odessa Police Department has provided a copy of the application for you to download and fill out. Please read over all the paperwork attached, review the City of Odessa Special Events and Parades Ordinance, and submit your application along with payment and other required documents to the Odessa Police Department Records Unit.

Prior to turning in your application packet, please contact the Traffic Sergeant at 432-335-5756, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm to schedule an appointment.

Cost: $25.00

Application Forms

Law Enforcement Identification Number Inspections (VIN inspection)

**Effective January 31st, 2022 - the City of Odessa will temporarily discontinue VIN inspections due to staff retirement. We anticipate resuming VIN inspection in the future. Please continue to check our website for the announcement regarding this service. Thank you for your patience and understanding**

Odessa Police Department maintains Auto-Theft Detectives who are certified through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) to complete Law Enforcement Identification Number Inspections. 

These Detectives utilize several methods to locate VIN numbers on a vehicle which are provided by the vehicle or trailer manufacturer. 

Individuals who are wishing to schedule a Law Enforcement Identification Number (aka VIN Inspection) Inspection can make their appointment. Click the link to the right to be directed to our online scheduling portal. The schedule is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are cancellations from time to time, citizens are encouraged to check the schedule frequently if they wish to obtain an earlier date for inspection. 

Items to bring for an inspection (if available): 
- Vehicle title or other documentation, i.e., bill of sale, insurance, purchase paperwork, etc. 
- A valid drivers license 
- $40.00 for the service - Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card/Debit Card (American Express is not accepted, all other types are accepted)

Check-In with the Auto Theft Detective at 3rd / Lincoln, payment is then collected in the lobby of the Police Department which is a short walk down the sidewalk from the inspection location. 

PD Map

Unidentified Property (Chapter 47)

Property seized by a Police Officer pursuant to Chapter 47 Code of Criminal Procedure will be listed on the Odessa Police Departments' website and subsequently posted in the Odessa American paper for a period of no less than 45 days. At the conclusion of the 45 day period, if no owner has been identified, or the property is not the subject of court hearings, the property will be disposed of pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 18.17 (destruction, auction, or retention by the law enforcement agency) or as ordered by the Court. 

For assistance with items that are listed on this site, please contact Odessa Police Department Property and Evidence Division to notify them of ownership. You will then be notified of the process of obtaining your property. Appointments must be made in order to obtain or inspect an item listed on this page. 

Please note: You must show proof of ownership for a specific item in order for the item to be released to your custody. Valid proof of ownership is defined as lawfully executed bills of sale, state titles, purchase receipt, or documentation accurately showing a serial or identification number. 

The Odessa Police Department and City of Odessa are not liable for property that has been destroyed, auctioned, or disposed of in compliance with State Law. 

Odessa Police Department Property and Evidence - (432) 335-4961

Open Records Request

Under the Texas Open Records Act certain information may be obtained from the Odessa Police Department. Open Records requests must be submitted in writing; no requests are accepted by telephone. Access the Odessa Public Information Request Center to ensure that all required information to fulfill your request is completed/provided

Submitting Requests in Person

To submit a request in person contact the Records Unit of the Odessa Police Department.

Odessa Police Department Records Unit

205 N Grant Avenue
Odessa, TX. 79761
Fax: 432-335-4966

The City recommends that you submit your request for public information via the Public Records Request Center.

However, if you instead choose to submit your request by email, or physical mail, you may submit your request by email to publicinfo@odessa-tx.gov or by mail to the address below.

Mailing Address:

City of Odessa
Public Information Request
P.O. Box 4398
Odessa, TX 79760

How to Successfully Request Public Information