Safe Zones


One of the goals of the Odessa Police Department is a motoring public that is safe, courteous and accident free. In pursuit of this goal, the Department will begin to periodically designate "safe zones" throughout the City. These "safe zones" are areas in which traffic enforcement will be increased in an effort to gain traffic law compliance.

"Safe zones" will be announced the week prior to enforcement action being taken. Expect to see officers of the Odessa Police Department working these areas singly or in groups in an effort to gain compliance through education and enforcement. Officers working "safe zones" will be enforcing all traffic laws but will pay close attention to:

  • Red light
  • Speeding
  • Stop sign
  • Other moving violations

Please take note of these "safe zones" and remind your family and friends that we will be taking enforcement action. By working together and obeying the laws, perhaps we can reduce traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities by making our streets a safer place to drive.


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