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The Odessa Police Department is proud to offer those that live, work, and visit Odessa a means of reporting non-emergency incidents in a timely manner. Since 2013 we have accepted online reports for a multitude of incidents, these reports are then reviewed and processed as if an Officer had responded to take the report. 

We understand those that live, work, and visit Odessa have busy schedules, often non-emergency incidents don't require an Officer to respond to the scene to obtain the necessary information for the report. By filing a report online, users can submit the incident information to be reviewed, and investigated if there is sufficient information to support an investigation. This online reporting service does not replace the high quality and dedicated service that Officers and Staff provide each and every day, it simply is a means to share your information with us and do so in an efficient and timely manner. Our agency will always be here to serve you and help in any way you may need. 

Reportable Incidents

Using the Odessa Police Department Police Online Citizen Reporting System you can report the following incidents:

You CANNOT use the system to report incidents that include:: 

- In progress incidents (meaning the suspect is on scene and the offense is actively being committed (Dial 911). 

- If an injury occurs by the means of an intentional act. 

- If a weapon was displayed or used. 

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Abandoned Vehicle / Parking Problem

Annoying Phone Calls / Harassing Phone Call

Animal Complaints / Dead Animal 

Beer Run / Merchandise Theft 

Burglary Commercial/Residential

Burglary of Coin-Operated Machine

Civil Issue (Property, Child Custody Violations, Evictions, etc.) - Coming Soon

Problema civil (propiedad, violaciones de la custodia de los hijos, desalojos, etc.) - Próximamente

Credit Card / Debit Card Abuse / Fraud / Forgery

Hit and Run Crashes

Hit and Run Crashes

House Watch Request

Identity Theft

Lost Property

Mail Theft

Minor Crashes (Property Damage Only) - Coming Soon!


Package Theft (Online Shopping Package Stolen)


Theft of Bicycle

Theft of Services

Tows/Repos - Coming Soon


Vehicle Burglary

Upon Completion

Upon completion of the online report process you will:

  • See the words "Your online police report has been submitted" showing that your police report is complete
  • Be given a police report case number
  • Be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records

Please Note

  • All cases filed using the Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed by a staff member of the Odessa Police Department in a prompt time frame.
    • Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, and determined to be appropriate you may be contacted for additional information or by a Detective that has been assigned. Please be aware that cases submitted via this portal are not guaranteed to be investigated. The Odessa Police Department will review all reports made, and if the information provided is sufficient and investigatable, we will investigate all incidents that meet these requirements. 
    • Common reasons that incidents will not be investigated: 
      • Insufficient evidence (i.e., a person hit my car in a private parking lot and there are no cameras, no suspect description.)
      • Lack of victim cooperation or contact (reporting parties that fail to respond or communicate with Detectives during multiple attempts) 
      • No criminal offense committed (some incidents that are reported simply do not meet the criminal elements established by Texas State Law, US Federal Law, or Odessa City Ordinances. If this is the case, we will notify you of this and provide you with the information related to that offense so you are able to understand what that offense or law states) 
      • The offense occurred outside of the jurisdiction of the Odessa Police Department. This does not mean that an offense did not occur, or it does not meet the elements, but in most circumstances, you are required to contact the agency responsible for your area (Local Police or County Sheriff). In limited circumstances, we can take an offense report for an incident that did not occur within our jurisdiction. 
    • Reports may not be reviewed until Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm If you need a quicker response than this, please call the Odessa Police Department at 432-333-3641
  • Notice: Filing a false police report is a crime under Texas Penal Code 37.08
    • Sec. 37.08.  FALSE REPORT TO PEACE OFFICER, FEDERAL SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR, LAW ENFORCEMENT EMPLOYEE, CORRECTIONS OFFICER, OR JAILER.  (a)  A person commits an offense if, with intent to deceive, he knowingly makes a false statement that is material to a criminal investigation and makes the statement to:

      (1)  a peace officer or federal special investigator conducting the investigation;

      (2)  any employee of a law enforcement agency that is authorized by the agency to conduct the investigation and that the actor knows is conducting the investigation; or

      (3)  a corrections officer or jailer.

      (b)  In this section, "law enforcement agency" has the meaning assigned by Article 59.01, Code of Criminal Procedure.

      (c)  An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor.