Be The Solution, Pick A Project!

  • Adopt A Block - Proactive approach to a clean and safe neighborhood.
  • Adopt A Classroom - Established to help implement recycling system in our local schools.
  • Adopt A Spot - A program established for community organizations, schools, businesses, etc. who want to maintain an area litter free including roadways, alleys, or open areas.
  • Neighborhood Shade Makers- Program focuses on giving trees for residential neighborhoods.
  • Odessa Pride Star of the Month - Recognizes Odessa citizens who contribute to the overall aesthetics and health of our city by maintaining exceptionally clean and beautiful properties.
  • Planet Troopers - A program for children who want to make a difference removing litter from our community.
  • We Care, We Help - Basic lawn care service designed to help veterans, disabled, elderly and widow/widower.