Unidentified Property (Chapter 47)

Property seized by a Police Officer pursuant to Chapter 47 Code of Criminal Procedure will be listed on the Odessa Police Departments' website and subsequently posted in the Odessa American paper for a period of no less than 45 days. At the conclusion of the 45 day period, if no owner has been identified, or the property is not the subject of court hearings, the property will be disposed of pursuant to Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 18.17 (destruction, auction, or retention by the law enforcement agency) or as ordered by the Court. 

For assistance with items that are listed on this site, please contact Odessa Police Department Property and Evidence Division to notify them of ownership. You will then be notified of the process of obtaining your property. Appointments must be made in order to obtain or inspect an item listed on this page. 

Please note: You must show proof of ownership for a specific item in order for the item to be released to your custody. Valid proof of ownership is defined as lawfully executed bills of sale, state titles, purchase receipt, or documentation accurately showing a serial or identification number. 

The Odessa Police Department and City of Odessa are not liable for property that has been destroyed, auctioned, or disposed of in compliance with State Law. 

Odessa Police Department Property and Evidence - (432) 335-4961