What is required to submit for a PV system?

You will need to submit 2 sets of paper plans and all required documents or you may email a digital set in PDF format to Building Inspection.

Required documents to submit for review:

  • Electrical contractor permit application and PV check list
  • Copy of inverter manufacture information sheets
  • Copy of module manufacture information sheets
  • Copy of rail/racking system manufacture information sheets and method of attachment
  • Type of roof covering
  • Type of roof framing
  • Does the proposed equipment installation cause the roof load assembly to exceed the maximum requirement of 10 psf per the IRC?
  • Number of modules to be installed
  • Where will the modules be installed? Roof/Accessory Structure/Ground or Pole Mounted
  • Site plan showing system installed on property. Site plan must include the following: 
    • All AC and DC disconnects and meter
    • Combiner boxes
    • Inverter(s)
    • Modules
    • Service panelboard
  • Upon inspection an inspector may ask for a letter from a Texas Structural Engineer with his stamp verifying that the existing roof structure is adequate for the increased loads from the installed array(s)

Electrical information to be shown on plans:

  • Copy of one-line diagram
  • Connection to utility grid
  • Supply side connection
  • Load side connection
  • Panelboard ampere rating
  • Main breaker/back feed breaker amps
  • System Configuration
  • Positive ground
  • Negative ground
  • Ungrounded
  • Are Batteries being installed

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